What is Twackle?


Twackle is a Twitter aggregation engine designed to enhance social conversation that helps sports teams, brands, and publishers gather, analyze, and display trending information. Our system pulls in millions of tweets each day on topics about which fans are passionate.

We work with industry leaders within the sports and entertainment business, top event managers, and world famous digital publishers to help harness and deliver the power of Twitter. Our most recent partners include Sports Illustrated, GEICO, and the Washington Redskins.

What do we provide?
  • -Interactive Ad Units
  • -Team Twackles
  • -Contest Microsites
  • -Event Solutions
  • -Publisher Dashboards

Twackle is streamlined to work with teams, brands, and publishers in many different ways. In a nutshell, we take targeted social information and turn it into useable and sponsorable integrations that can fit any medium. Have an event and want to display filtered social content? We can do that. Want to use interactive digital advertisements to help spark a hashtag campaign? We can do that.

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